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Meet Aileen Hans
Aileen Hans is a practical person with a dreamer’s intuition. She saw a need in the local tourism market for a transportation service given that there aren’t any public options currently available in Haida Gwaii. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, Aileen brought her vision to life and now enjoys the perks of being in business for herself. She finds satisfaction in customizing the schedule to suit her needs and the freedom to take her company in any direction she sees fit.

Haida Gwaii has always been home for Aileen, a place that is a part of who she is. “Haida Gwaii is a whole family,” shares the entrepreneur. “There’s a sense of belonging, cultural connections, friends that are family, and pies are currency!” In her spare time this Haida-born resident enjoys the finer things in life, such as hiking, fishing, strolling the beaches, ATV’ing, boating, paddle-boarding, food gathering, harvesting and preserving. For Aileen, living on Canada’s most western coastline is unlike anywhere else in the world; it’s a feeling that everyone should experience.

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